Don’t Lose Your Insurance Savings

Here at Daavlin, an interesting phenomenon occurs every fall. We call it “The End of the Year Home Phototherapy Rush”. It’s the time of year when many people have met their annual insurance deductible, on top of the time of year when skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema begin to flare due to the cold, dry air. In preparation for this busy season, the Home Phototherapy Department works carefully alongside management, production, purchasing, and logistics. Planning begins months ahead of time to be sure that we will meet the needs of every patient.

Have you been considering home phototherapy? Maximize your benefits with these tips:

  • If you’re not sure, call the member services number on the back of your insurance card to ask if your deductible has been met, and what date your deductible resets. Most health plans reset on January 1, but not all.
  • If you have met your deductible, but it resets on January 1st, do not wait until the end of December to start the process. To get started, ask your provider for a prescription now and once you have a prescription, Daavlin representatives can begin the prior authorization process for you; it is important to have enough time to complete your purchase before the year ends.
  • Be aware that most insurance companies require a prior authorization request to be submitted, and they also require a significant amount of time to review. In fact, it is not uncommon for plans to ask for 30 days to make a decision! Don’t wait too long to order, or we may not have a decision back from your insurance before the end of the year!
  • Don’t forget – If you have a flex spending or health savings account with funds to use, a home phototherapy unit is a qualifying health care expense.

By using these tips, as well as Daavlin’s free insurance assistance, you can save money, maximize your insurance benefits and be on your way to treating your skin in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.