The efficacy of narrowband UVB treatment in pediatric vitiligo: a retrospective analysis of 26 cases

Yazīcī S, Günay B, Bülbül Baskan E, Aydogan K, Saricaoglu H, Tunali S

Turk J Med Sci. 2017;47:381-384. doi:10.3906/sag-1512-59

Narrowband ultraviolet B phototherapy has been used to manage and treat vitiligo for over 20 years after it was discovered that it was more effective than using topical psoralen and UVA treatments. The study by Yazici et al suggests that Nb UVB phototherapy seems to be a well-tolerated, effective, and safe method of treatment in the short term for pediatric patients, especially patients unresponsive to topical agents or with diffuse lesions.”