Treat Localized Vitiligo with Proven Options

In honor of World Vitiligo Day on June 25th, we would like to offer a quick hint on how to choose just the right phototherapy device for your patients with vitiligo.  A key factor in your choice is the selection of a device that will avoid or minimize the amount of incidental energy delivered to non-involved skin.

Daavlin offers two phototherapy units that are perfect for the localized treatment of vitiligo.  Whether treating in the office or at home, these targeted exposure units will help avoid treating unaffected skin.


Lumera enables you to control, precisely and safely, the UVB light that is delivered to the exact area where it is needed. The Lumera Beam, when used in conjunction with beam modifying templates that are provided, allows you to target lesions of any shape or size with pinpoint precision.

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Levia is similar to the Lumera but is smaller and less expensive, and may be suitable for your patients who may qualify for a home unit.  As with the Lumera, the device delivers Narrowband UVB directly and precisely to the affected areas of the skin, minimizing exposure to surrounding, uninvolved skin.

While scalp treatments may not be as important for your vitiligo patients, it is important to know that both of these devices come equipped with a unique fiber optic brush that effectively penetrates the hair barrier and delivers light directly to the scalp or other hair covered area.

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For more information on treating vitiligo with Narrowband UVB phototherapy, please contact Daavlin today at or by calling 800-322-8546.


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