Phototherapy Results
Narrowband phototherapy is a safe and effective treatment for photoresponsive skin diseases and is considered a first-line treatment for many conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema. It’s safe enough for pregnant women and children to use, and has none of the serious side effects associated with competing biological drug therapies.

New to Phototherapy?

Phototherapy is the use of light to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, and other skin disorders. In treatments, the skin is exposed to a special type of light which comes from a medical device commonly referred to as a phototherapy unit.

Phototherapy vs. Biologics

While biological drug therapies have become popular in the last few years, it is important to evaluate the safety of these medications. Every one of the following drugs has had numerous adverse effects and deaths where the drug was listed as the primary suspected cause.

"My skin is completely healed..."

- Eric, CA

"Since using the UV Series, my skin is completely healed and this past weekend I wore shorts for the first time in years. My family doctor was so impressed with my progress, she is now getting a Daavlin device for her child who is also battling psoriasis."

In-Home Phototherapy Treatment

We strive to make prescribing home phototherapy units for your patients easy and convenient for you and your staff. Daavlin has a variety of products to suit your patients’ needs.

Clinical Phototherapy Treatment

Adding phototherapy to your practice allows you to treat your patients with photo-responsive skin diseases and offers an additional revenue source that reimburses up to $500 a week or more per patient.

The Daavlin Difference

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my lamps covered by a warranty?

    Daavlin warrants its lamps for sixty (60) days against defects in material and workmanship and to operate at the time of initial installation in an electrical circuit having the correct characteristics for proper lamp operation. No warranty is made as to useful lamp life or as to reduction in ultraviolet output due to any cause.

  • Are there medications I shouldn't take while treating with phototherapy?

    It is important to know that some topicals may actually hinder treatment. For example, some lotions contain UV absorbing ingredients similar to those used in sunscreens and may block much of the benefit of phototherapy treatment.

    Other topicals and medications may photosensitize your skin. Watch out for lotions containing photosensitizing agents or essential oils such as lime, lemon, or orange. Such ingredients could cause an unexpected erythemal reaction when exposed to the ultraviolet energy delivered during a phototherapy treatment. In addition, coal tar, psoralens, and retinoids will consistently photosensitive your skin to UV light.  For a detailed list of photosensitizers, visit this link: We recommend speaking with your doctor about topicals and medications that may impact your phototherapy treatments.

  • Are there special electrical requirements for a full-body phototherapy booth?

    Depending on the device being used, special electrical upgrades such as adding electrical options of 220V or 440V, may be required. Daavlin recommends all electrical work be performed by a certified electrician to ensure it is done safely and adheres to local building codes. 

  • Can I expose my “healthy” skin to the light or do I need to cover it?

    It’s usually best to keep uninvolved skin covered with clothing or sunscreen during your treatments, but follow your doctor’s advice. The most important thing about covering “healthy” skin is to be consistent, and always use the same covering techniques for each treatment. (External genitalia should be covered during PUVA therapy.)

  • Can I use my device in different countries?

    Every Daavlin phototherapy device has a label near the power inlet with a voltage and frequency specification. If the voltage of the country that you are traveling to matches the label, you may use it. If you would like to use your device in countries with a different voltage, contact Daavlin technical support for more information. Depending on the exact machine you have, there are a range of possible solutions.

  • Do you offer financing for a clinical device?

    Yes. Please contact our clinical sales team for more information.

  • Do you offer trade-ins for used clinical phototherapy equipment?

    No, we do not offer trade-ins.

  • How can I check on the status of my order?

    If you are a patient, please contact your patient representative to check the status of your order. Clinical customers should contact their account representative to check the status of an order or installation.

  • How do I know what unit is right for me based on my condition?

    We understand there is no standard treatment solution for everyone with a photoresponsive disease. That is why we have a multitude of different devices with specific characteristics that make them ideal for a particular scenario.  To learn more about our devices and which one may be best suited for you, visit our products page.

  • How long do I need to wait before I begin to see results?

    The length of time varies from patient to patient and between conditions. Typically psoriasis patients will see much faster results than vitiligo patients. The most important thing is to be consistent with your treatments, and to follow your doctor’s treatment plan.