If you no longer use or want your unit, you may dispose of it locally.

Lamp Disposal
Daavlin recommends that UV lamps, which contain mercury, be recycled in compliance with your local
regulations, and not left in the device due to the risk of harm to others. If you are not sure how to dispose of your device’s lamps, please contact your local waste/recycling service and ask them about fluorescent lamp recycling in your area.

Device Disposal
Daavlin CANNOT purchase or resell used devices due to regulatory restrictions. Customers who no
longer wish to use their phototherapy device may dispose of it on their own (with the lamps removed) through
a local scrap metal dealer/recycler or return it to Daavlin for disposal.

To return your device to Daavlin:

  1. Notify the technical support (800-DAAVLIN) that you are returning your device for disposal. Be prepared to provide the device’s serial number. Customers are responsible for shipping costs.
  2. Write “FOR DISPOSAL” on the outside of your return unit’s container.

Note: Daavlin cannot facilitate the sale or donation of a used phototherapy unit.