What is Phototherapy?
Looking for the very best clear skin treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema or another light responsive disease? Or maybe you’re seeking a safe, fast, and affordable alternative to biologic drugs. Phototherapy is the choice for you!

The Healing Power of Light

It is well known that light heals.  Phototherapy is the use of therapeutic ultraviolet radiation to treat specific skin conditions.  Research has led to the use of ever more specific wave ranges while eliminating or minimizing non-therapeutic radiation.

Phototherapy is safe, effective, and time-tested, making it an essential tool for dermatologists in the 21st century. It is safe for pregnant women 1, 2 , children 3, and has none of the serious side effects associated with competing biological drug therapies. Daavlin consistently leads the clinical marketplace with innovations such as integrating dosimetry and built-in treatment protocols, making the delivery of phototherapy safe for patients and trouble-free for physicians and their staff.

How it Works

During a phototherapy treatment, the skin is exposed to a special type of light from a medical device referred to as a phototherapy unit. These units range from hand-held devices for spot treatment to “walk-in” units for patients with full body involvement. The medical lamps in these units emit ultraviolet (UV) light in a wavelength that creates changes within the skin cells. The cells in most patients then begin to behave normally, which reduces or eliminates the symptoms of the skin disease.

At first, patients may require several treatments spaced close together to improve their skin. Once the skin has shown improvement, a maintenance treatment once each week may be all that is necessary.

Why Choose Phototherapy?

It is so liberating. I think my hair is even starting to come back in the places where it was thinning due to my psoriasis. THANK YOU to everyone that has assisted me in this journey!

See the Healing Powers of Light

Before After Man with abdominal psoriasis before photoMan with abdominal psoriasis before photo

Phototherapy vs. Biologics

While biological drug therapies have become very popular, it is important to evaluate their safety. 


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