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Variable lamp and door configurations
Maximum Efficiency
Easy to Operate

Power Outlet

The 7 Series plugs into standard power outlets.

Configurations: 110-120 V, 60 Hz or 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz


Height: w/ Castors 78”;
No Castors 74.5”
Width: Doors Closed 21”; Doors Open 39.5”
Depth: w/ Feet 22.0”; No Feet 6.5”
Weight: w/ Doors 106-129 lbs; No Doors 75 lbs


Output varies from unit to unit. Each unit comes with an Output Certificate.

Lamp Options

UVA, Narrow Band UVB, or Broadband UVB

Can be equipped with 4, 8, or 12 lamps.

7 Series Lineup

Proving Home Phototherapy Efficacy with Daavlin's 7 Series & the LITE Study

The LITE Study, a US clinical trial focused on proving the efficacy of home phototherapy compared to in-office treatments, chose Daavlin’s 7 Series equipped with ClearLink’s Guided Mode as its primary means of delivering home phototherapy. This decision was based on the controller’s ability to make administering phototherapy simple and intuitive while also allowing the provider to stay in control.

The initial results of the LITE Study have been astounding and, once again, reinforce the need for wider adaption of home phototherapy, and with Daavlin’s 7 Series and ClearLink Guided Mode, home phototherapy is easier than ever.

To read more about the LITE Study, click HERE or watch the video below:

"I am so pleased."

- P.B., MD

"I am so pleased with the 7 Series unit - almost beyond words. My psoriasis is almost unnoticeable as a result of about 3 months of treatments."

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