Narrowband UV-B phototherapy vs photochemotherapy in the treatment of chronic plaque-type psoriasis

Tanew A, Radakovic-Fijan S, Schemper M, Hönigsmann H

Arch of Dermatol. 1999:135(5):519-24. doi:10.1001/archderm.135.5.519

When determining whether to utilize phototherapy or photochemotherapy (PUVA) for the treatment of psoriasis, type and severity of psoriasis, patient age and health, and possible long term outcomes are all considered. This comparison study was conducted to define the benefits of each form of treatment and therefore which treatment option was better suited for patient needs. The article states “treatment with UV-B radiation is much easier to perform, requires less precautions to prevent acute adverse reactions, and seems to harbor a considerably lower carcinogenic potential than PUVA.” As a result, phototherapy is typically the first line treatment option in patients.