Phototherapy of psoriasis of the scalp. Results in 21 patients treated with special portable ultraviolet rays lamp

Caccialanza M, Piccinno R, Cappio F, Rozza M, Mainardi L

G Ital Dermatol Venereol. 1989;124(11-12):LXI-LXV

A common misconception is that treatment of scalp psoriasis is difficult or nearly impossible due to the protective barrier that hair presents. Twenty-one patients tested portable ultraviolet light sources, utilizing the special comb designed to separate hair and provide light exposure to the previously protected skin. Among the 21 participants, all reported some form of improvement, with 11 noticing large improvement, and complete remission in 6 patients. “The source used was found to be efficacious especially in those forms of slight to medium psoriasis of the capillitium; it was handy and easy to use making it suitable for home use.”