Transition of patients with psoriasis from office-based phototherapy to nurse-supported home phototherapy: a pilot study

Matthews S, Simmer M, Williams L, Fishman P, Shors A

Journal of the Dermatology of Nurses’ Association. 2018;10(1):29-41. doi:10.1097/jdn.0000000000000374

Over hundreds of years, the utilization of ultraviolet light has proven to be a safe and effective treatment modality for psoriasis. Despite the positive results that are associated with phototherapy use, it has not been expanded as often as other treatment options due to frequent doctor’s office visits multiple times a week and misconceptions of the monetary burden. Transitioning patients from office-based to home-based treatments appeared to be favorable, according to this study. “Home phototherapy treatments, in particular, remove many of the patients’ financial and convenience barriers associated with phototherapy by providing treatment devices installed in patient living spaces.”