How Will Phototherapy Benefit
My Clinic?

Adding phototherapy to your practice allows you to treat your patients with photoresponsive skin diseases and offers an additional revenue source that reimburses up to $500 a week or more per patient. Daavlin offers a variety of units to fit your needs and treatments are easy to administer.

How Will Phototherapy Benefit
My Patients?

Phototherapy is affordable, effective, painless, and safe for children and pregnant women. Statistics show high clearance rates for Narrow Band UVB phototherapy, with a median clearance time of only 4-5 weeks. Patients who stop using phototherapy seldom suffer from the flares or rebounds that are common with other treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are my lamps covered by a warranty?

    Daavlin warrants its lamps for sixty (60) days against defects in material and workmanship and to operate at the time of initial installation in an electrical circuit having the correct characteristics for proper lamp operation. No warranty is made as to useful lamp life or as to reduction in ultraviolet output due to any cause.

  • Are there special electrical requirements for a full-body phototherapy booth?

    Depending on the device being used, special electrical upgrades such as adding electrical options of 220V or 440V, may be required. Daavlin recommends all electrical work be performed by a certified electrician to ensure it is done safely and adheres to local building codes. 

  • Do you offer financing for a clinical device?

    Yes. Please contact our clinical sales team for more information.

  • Do you offer trade-ins for used clinical phototherapy equipment?

    No, we do not offer trade-ins.

  • How can I check on the status of my order?

    If you are a patient, please contact your patient representative to check the status of your order. Clinical customers should contact their account representative to check the status of an order or installation.

  • If my device is located in a cold room, do I need to allow time for the lamps to warm up?

    With a dosimetry machine, there is no real advantage to allowing your machine to warm up first. In situations where a machine is kept in a very cold environment such as a garage, a 5-minute warmup may allow faster treatment times.

  • Is my phototherapy device covered under warranty?

    You can find your warranty period in the "Warranty" section of your device's manual. Your warranty begins at the point of installation, typically the date the unit is shipped from Daavlin.

    Your phototherapy device is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for the duration listed in your manual, under normal use and service (excluding lamps). Daavlin will replace or repair any parts that appear to have been defective in material and/or workmanship and, for the term of the warranty, shall bear all costs related to such defect(s) including the cost of parts, labor and shipping. Daavlin may require that smaller units be sent back to the factory for repair.

    This warranty does not apply to any unit which has been used, repaired or altered outside the factory in any way so as to affect the design, or which has been subject to misuse negligence or accident, or operated in any way other than in accordance with our operating instructions. The warranty does not extend to repairs made necessary by use of parts or accessories not recommended by the manufacturer. This warranty does not cover damage in transit.

  • Is there revenue potential for offering phototherapy in my clinic?

    Adding phototherapy to your practice not only allows you to treat your patients with photo-responsive skin diseases, but it also offers an additional revenue source that reimburses up to $500 a week or more per patient. The treatment is very easy to administer and Daavlin’s product line ranges from full-body to hand and foot units to high intensity targeted devices, to offer you a variety of units to fit your needs. Daavlin can provide you with information regarding reimbursement strategies and annual revenue projections.  Click here to try our Revenue Calculator.

  • My lamp(s) went out. What do I do?

    If your machine’s controller is not turning on, make sure the machine is connected to power and the circuit breaker (if equipped) is turned on. Then unplug your machine and make sure that the lamps are securely seated in the lamp holders. If only some of the lamps are not working, swap them with the ones that are working. If the lamp(s) won’t work at all, you may have a bad lamp(s) and should contact technical support.

  • My unit is due for a cleaning and calibration. What should I do?

    Please contact our service team. One of our friendly representatives will be in touch with your preventative maintenance options.