Technical Services
Daavlin offers a wide range of support services and maintenance/extended warranty programs so you can feel confident that your phototherapy equipment will perform reliably for years to come.

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Services for Your Device

Daavlin offers a comprehensive list of services to keep your equipment (all manufacturers and models) running smoothly:

  • Delivery and setup
  • Control system upgrades and conversions
  • Conversions (NB UVB, PC computer system controls)
  • Meter calibrations
  • Re-lamping
  • Cleaning and calibrations
  • Repairs
  • Moving
  • In-service training

More information about our maintenance contracts and extended warranties is available below in our quick links.


We chose Daavlin for our clinic because of the company’s reputation and products. I feel so well taken care of by the Daavlin Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there medications I shouldn't take while treating with phototherapy?

    It is important to know that some topicals may actually hinder treatment. For example, some lotions contain UV absorbing ingredients similar to those used in sunscreens and may block much of the benefit of phototherapy treatment.

    Other topicals and medications may photosensitize your skin. Watch out for lotions containing photosensitizing agents or essential oils such as lime, lemon, or orange. Such ingredients could cause an unexpected erythemal reaction when exposed to the ultraviolet energy delivered during a phototherapy treatment. In addition, coal tar, psoralens, and retinoids will consistently photosensitive your skin to UV light.  For a detailed list of photosensitizers, visit this link: We recommend speaking with your doctor about topicals and medications that may impact your phototherapy treatments.

  • Does the M Series hood come off?

    Yes. The hood detaches so the unit can be mounted to a wall or stood on end for small patch treatment.

  • Does the M Series require any assembly or installation?

    The unit’s main fixture and hood are shipped in two separate boxes. You just need to unpack them and set the hood on top of the base. Full instructions are included in the operating manual of the unit. The M Series Table requires about 10 minutes of simple assembly.

  • How are ClearLink prescription refills sent to the patient?

    The physician can use the FlexRx Refill Request Form to authorize additional treatments and we will contact the physician or patient (depending on what is requested on the form) with a FlexRx code.

  • How much does an M Series unit weigh?

    Each unit weighs approximately 74 lbs.

  • I no longer need my phototherapy device and/or lamps. How should I dispose of the device and/or lamps?

    Lamp Disposal
    We recommend that UV lamps, which contain mercury, be recycled in compliance with your local
    regulations, and not left in the device due to the risk of harm to others. If you are not sure how to dispose of your device’s lamps, please contact your local waste/recycling service and ask them about fluorescent lamp recycling in your area.

    Device Disposal
    Important: Daavlin CANNOT purchase or resell used devices due to regulatory restrictions. Customers who no longer wish to use their phototherapy device may dispose of it on their own (with the lamps removed) through a local scrap metal dealer/recycler.

  • Is Narrow Band UVB available in the M Series?

    Yes, we now have narrow band UVB and UVA/narrow band UVB combination units available.

  • My device is out of exposures. What should I do?

    Please have your doctor submit a request for additional exposures for your phototherapy device using our FlexRx Refill Request Form. We will provide your doctor (or you, if your doctor requests it) with an updated code to enter into your device.

  • My unit is saying "PASS" or is out of exposures. What should I do?

    Your machine was prescribed with a feature called FlexRx Exposure Limiting Software.  This feature allows your prescriber to keep track of how many treatments you have done, so they can follow up with your progress.

    When your device shows the word “PASS”, it means that you have used up all of the prescribed treatments, and your prescriber just needs to order you a “refill” (similar to running out of a medication, and your doctor calls the pharmacy to order a refill). Once you notify your prescriber’s office that you have used all of your treatments, they should fill out our FlexRx Refill Request Form. As soon as we hear from your prescriber, we will call you with a brand-new, 4-digit number or “PASS” number.  You will enter the new number into your device, and it will automatically reset with the new allotment of treatments.

  • Your site shows two M Series units on a table. If I want the same set up, do I order two units and a table, or does it all come together?

    Each piece is priced separately. If you would like to treat the hands and feet simultaneously, you need to order two units and the M Series Treatment Table.