Home Phototherapy Overview:

Home Phototherapy is the use of specific ranges of ultraviolet light in a home setting to treat photo-responsive skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema/atopic dermatitis.  A highly effective treatment, home phototherapy provides positive outcomes without the dangerous, more frequent side effects of biologics, but at a significantly lower cost. It also improves patient adherence through convenient availability of treatment at home1.

Phototherapy in general is underutilized compared to biologics, largely due to the sizable marketing budgets of pharmaceutical companies for promotion of their respective drug treatments. The significant cost and risk of harmful side effects associated with biologics has created an unnecessary burden on payors and patients that could be lessened through the expansion of medical insurance coverage for home phototherapy.

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Why Choose Phototherapy

The Economic Value of Home Phototherapy:

Psoriasis creates a large economic burden for patients and payors in the United States, with annual direct cost estimates ranging from $51.7 billion to $63.2 billion and an additional $23.9 billion to $35.4 billion in annual indirect costs2. Pharmacy costs, largely attributable to biologic therapies, account for the majority of this economic burden3.

Health plans often unintentionally push patients towards more expensive therapies, including biologics, by limiting access through excessive co-pays or denying coverage for home phototherapy devices. While some patients do require biologics (e.g. those with psoriatic arthritis), phototherapy is an ideal first line of treatment for the majority of patients that both reduces side effects and significantly lowers costs while providing a highly effective treatment and excellent results.

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Treatment Solutions

Daavlin has a variety of products to suit your patients' needs. These units range from hand-held and table-top devices for spot treatment of small areas to cabinet or “walk-in” units for patients requiring full body treatment.

Prescribing at Home

Our online physician portal, ClearLink, makes prescribing home phototherapy units for your patients easy. With ClearLink, you can securely fill out the Physician’s Written Order on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. See our Quick Links below if you prefer prescribing by fax.

Phototherapy vs. Biologics

While biological drug therapies have become popular in the last few years, it is important to evaluate the safety of these medications.

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