Your unit is likely experiencing a thermal cutout due to not observing the DermaPal’s duty cycle.

Your DermaPal is equipped with a safety feature that will automatically turn off your device if it gets too hot—typically just after the 10-minute mark. Note that different environments may affect how quickly the device reaches the shutoff temperature (an air conditioned room vs. a hot and humid porch). This automatic shutoff can create wear and tear on the unit over time, so we strongly recommend letting the unit rest at the 10-minute mark to avoid this automatic shutoff. If your are treating several areas on your body, you will need to pause treatments and let the unit cool down 10 minutes for every 10-minute window of operation. This is called a duty cycle. If you forget to complete a duty cycle and the unit shuts off automatically, you will need to let it cool down for 30 minutes before using it again.