Starting Kaiser Patients On a Treatment Plan

Patient Treatment Plans

Thank you for selecting a Daavlin home phototherapy product for your patient!  To create a printable or emailable treatment plan with your dosing instructions, helpful tips, and links to instructional videos to give to your patient, please complete the Home Phototherapy Instructions Form below.

Once you submit the Home Phototherapy Instructions Form, it will be formatted and emailed to the address you provide. You can then add it to your patient’s chart, print it, or securely email it to them.  It will include:

  • A training video guiding your patient on how to understand and use your treatment plan
  • A video showing your patient how to operate their device’s controller
  • A summary of the patient’s device (model, controller, lamp type)
  • A summary of your treatment plan (starting dose, frequency, percent increase, and any special instructions you include)
  • A UVB time chart (if applicable)
  • And tips for treating with phototherapy (e.g. where to stand, covering untreated areas, and more)

Our training videos and resources afford your patient the flexibility to train at their own convenience! Patients can refer back to the training materials as often as needed. 

Note: The form below is for training purposes only. It is not a device order form.