AAD & NPF Phototherapy Guidelines Week 2: Home Narrow Band UVB

Last month, the American Academy of Dermatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation released guidelines of care for the management and treatment of psoriasis with phototherapy. Over the next few weeks, we’ll examine the recommendations and share information about the significance for your practice and patients.

Week 1: Treating with Narrow Band UVB

Week 2: Home Narrow Band UVB

Week 3: Combination therapy with Narrow Band UVB

Week 4: Risks of Narrow Band UVB

Week 5: Broadband UVB Overview, Risks & Recommendations

Week 6: PUVA Overview, Risks & Recommendations

Week 7: Summary

Home Narrow Band UVB:

Although many phototherapy treatments are administered in clinic, the new guidelines recommend consideration be given to prescribing home phototherapy when travel to a phototherapy center is a limiting factor. Within the two different settings (clinic and home), there is little difference between the efficacy rates and side effects. “Of the individuals who received hospital-based phototherapy, 41.7% achieved PASI 75 after 46 treatments compared with 40.7% of those receiving home phototherapy.”

It is also reported that the burden of treatment was significantly lower with home phototherapy and patients were much happier with their treatments.

Daavlin’s Home Phototherapy Solution

Daavlin has recently conducted primary research with over 400 psoriasis patients.  62% of those treated in the clinic would be extremely interested or very interested in considering in-home phototherapy to treat their psoriasis. The rationale for choosing in-home phototherapy is due to privacy and convenience.

Driving to the clinic several times each week and co-pay responsibility for each visit can be quite challenging for many patients. Home phototherapy can be administered at the patient’s convenience with a one-time cost associated with the purchase. We offer insurance assistance at no cost, freeing up the valuable time of your office staff, and payment plans for those who may be challenged to meet their deductible.

Daavlin has several types of home units available, designed to meet the needs of each patient. Use our Home Phototherapy Unit Selector to find the devices that are right for your patients.

Prescribing Home Phototherapy

Our Home Order Packet is available to download and print. This packet includes an easy to use, one-page Physician’s Written Order form that takes the place of a prescription and a letter of medical necessity. There is no need to write a separate letter. Your patient can fill out the patient insurance information and the packet can be faxed back to us.