Design and implementation of population-based specialty care programs

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Botts S, Gee M, Chang C, Young I, Saito L, Lyman A

AJHP. 2017;74(18):1437-1439. dio:10.2146/ajhp161016

Kaiser Permanente, a nonprofit healthcare delivery system that offers care to 11.3 million members across the country, designed 3 specialty care programs targeted at specific, high-risk populations. One project, the Home Phototherapy Project, addressed those individuals affected by skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo. “This [NB-UVB] treatment method was expected to address… patient concerns, reduce treatment costs, improve access, and reduce medication burden.” Through this project, over 2,000 patients received home phototherapy units. As a result, more and more patients were able to discontinue or reduce systemic and topical medication use and decrease potential adverse effects from those drugs.