Holistic Healing & The Power of Phototherapy

As a health care provider, you care about your patients’ whole health.  When you have multiple treatment modalities available to treat their skin condition, it is helpful to know that there is an option that is not only effective, but very safe and natural, as well – Narrowband UVB phototherapy.

Consider Narrowband UVB…

The side effects of Narrowband UVB are typically rare, mild, and most importantly, external. It is safe for use with children, the elderly, and patients who are pregnant, or nursing, and can be used with patients who are HIV+, or who have other conditions such as diabetes.

In contrast, the biologic drugs’ safety profile is not as favorable. FDA statistics on adverse events and deaths are available here.  In contrast, the most common side effects of Narrowband UVB are occasional erythema and dry skin.

“One of the major advantages of phototherapy when treating psoriasis and acne is that it diminishes the need for systemic medications.  When used in combination with other treatment programs, it helps to enhance and accelerate results, and gives a relatively quick resolution,” explained Zehava Laver, MD, a dermatologist in Tel Aviv, and former Chief of the Dermatology Clinic at Hadassah University Hospital.¹  

In addition to its impressive safety profile, Narrowband UVB phototherapy can also have holistic properties.  Low-dose Narrowband UVB treatment provides a significant increase in vitamin D levels in persons with low initial levels.²  Another benefit of phototherapy is its anti-inflammatory effect.

So, when considering treatment options for your patients with photoresponsive diseases, consider light!  It is all natural and has been used for years to treat many conditions.  To learn more about the natural, healing benefits of phototherapy contact Daavlin today!

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