Sonia’s Story

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and for the past eleven years, I have also been employed as a Patient Representative here at Daavlin. On a daily basis, I work with doctors, patients and insurance companies to help psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema patients get phototherapy devices for home use. It is a challenging yet very rewarding job. It can be hard, and even heartbreaking at times, to hear stories of how these skin conditions have negatively impacted peoples’ lives. My gratification comes when I get a home device approved through a patient’s insurance and have the opportunity to greatly improve their current situation.

In October 2017, I started noticing some small bumps on the palm of my hand when they started to become itchy (and borderline painful at times!) disturbing my daily life. When I noticed that the bumps were spreading further across my palm, I decided it was time to get it checked out by a dermatologist, although I had a feeling that I already knew what it was. On March 28th 2018, my personal life and my work life collided when I was diagnosed with psoriasis; the skin condition that I have heard so much about from my customers had turned into my own reality! I felt very fortunate because I already knew that psoriasis could be treated safely and conveniently around my schedule with a home phototherapy device.

So… I am excited to say that I have received my Daavlin 1 Series and have been doing my treatments faithfully.  Even after only 5 weeks, the improvement has been eye opening! Since being diagnosed with psoriasis, and especially now with my own successful treatment with home phototherapy, I feel that I can share my experience with others and let them know that there is hope without having to live with the condition or rely upon medications.

Psoriasis Patient & Daavlin Patient Account Specialist