The Hidden Expense of Living with Eczema

A 2020 study revealed that eczema can have a dramatic financial impact on the sufferer in addition to the physical discomfort and mental anguish it causes. Researchers found that more than 36% of people battling eczema experienced yearly out-of-pocket (OOP) expenses of up to $499, while an additional 24% reported spending between $1,000 to $2,499*.

When identifying these hidden costs, researchers discovered that the vast majority of those surveyed (94.3%) spent, on average, $50 or more on non-prescription lotions to help soothe the associated itch of their condition. In addition to lotions and creams, specialty clothing (i.e. 100% organic cotton) and organic hygiene products were common out-of-pocket expenses. Researchers found that the severity of the condition had a direct correlation to the OOP expenses – “the worse the disease, according to patients, the more money people spent OOP trying to control it”. These unaccounted-for expenses can have a dramatic impact on a person’s well-being and healing.*

Fortunately, Daavlin provides a solution that is not only effective at treating eczema but is also extremely affordable. The one-time purchase of a home phototherapy device allows you to treat your eczema symptoms effectively in the comfort of your own home – and is frequently covered by insurance. Owning your own device means treating eczema symptoms whenever they occur, without additional costs or copays, for many years to come. Talk to your doctor about Daavlin home phototherapy today!

*Smith Begolka W, Chovatiya R, Rhibau I, Silverburg J. Financial Burden of Atopic Dermatitis Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenses in the United States. Dermatitis: 2020; 10.1097/DER.0000000000000715