The Path to Clearer Skin is Through Consistency

The most common, time-tested and successful phototherapy protocol consists of treating the affected skin three times per week for a period of several weeks. Treatment days can vary throughout the week but it is most common to have a schedule of treatment, rest, treatment, rest, treatment. Why has this scheduling pattern become standard practice in phototherapy? The answer is: Because it has been proven effective!

With phototherapy, each treatment builds upon the last, and a consistent treatment schedule is one of the keys to success. A simple comparison would be going to the gym; your body is building upon the “gains” from the previous workout.  In order to not sacrifice any of those positive gains, each light treatment must work in coordination with the last until clear skin is achieved. In addition, as your skin is exposed to light, it adapts, which is why a phototherapy protocol also typically includes a gradual increase in dose. Because the skin is able to adapt to more light as you progress, you need to also consistently keep up with the adaptation by increasing the amount of light.

But what if you are not treating consistently? One reason someone might “fail” at clearing their skin with phototherapy is because they were not treating often enough, or on a regular basis. (It can be challenging to get to light appointments on top of everything else!) For this reason, Home Phototherapy has become a solution for those with busy schedules, or who can’t get to the clinic three times a week. Either way, once the skin has become clear, many providers will suggest a maintenance schedule to prolong this clear state.

Talk to your provider to see if phototherapy is right for you!