Think Small to Treat Big

We know you are always on the lookout for better ways to help your psoriasis patients. Have you ever felt that phototherapy would be a good option but were concerned about treating the patient in a full-body phototherapy cabinet? The answer may be targeted phototherapy.

Targeted, hand-held Narrowband UVB devices are a valuable treatment option for localized disease. They are effective and conveniently available for home treatment as well in-office use.1

Targeted phototherapy has emerged as a treatment modality for disease involving less than 10% of the total body surface area. This form of treatment only delivers ultraviolet energy to the affected skin, sparing clinically normal skin.1

Many patients whose condition is localized and mild are not candidates for whole-body phototherapy and have had to rely on topical treatments that can be difficult to apply, are messy and less effective than phototherapy. 1 Using targeted treatment will allow these patients to benefit from the safety and efficacy of light.

Here are some of the advantages of targeted phototherapy:

  • Higher dosing capabilities
  • Lower cumulative UV dose
  • Less toxicity to uninvolved skin
  • Rapid clearing with fewer treatment sessions
  • Higher patient satisfaction1